Change the beat


CB Records presents

Thug Jazz and Riot Funk, Psyche Madness and Funk Rock layered with the hardest and dirtiest instrumental and Dub beats from around the WORLD

LOW LIMIT (Lazer Sword)
DIBIA$E (Green Llama)
DJ CENTIPEDE (Mophono/CB Records)
SALVA (Frite Nite/Fried Human)
DIALS (Sound Pieces)

Special Guests TBA!

9pm $3 Red Stripes $5 Jameson Shots
SOM 2925 16th St. San Francisco 94103 for more…..

The main focus of Change the Beat and all CB Records events are to offer the audience a unique experience. You can find dj focused events all over the world, but Change the Beat goes well beyond.

Our Musical Focus is in Thug Jazz and Funk Rock from around the world mixed with Dirty Analog and Electronic Beats. At any given night of Change the Beat you will find Contextual/ Genre reference, Quality music of Heart and Soul, Skilled Djman Ship Artistic and Technical/Broad or Finite, New Fringe art Reference and Future Shit. For example, we hire up and coming Dj’s Locally and Around the world. We showcase the latest dj technology and live musical performance. Above all, we are committed to bringing rare and thought provoking sounds in our musical genre, from the past and future.